DVD2LEARN Inc. is the premier home educational video tutorial family-owned company, designed to inform, educate and facilitate parents with the right tools to better educate their children from grades 3 to 11. From a former Disney Channel Producer and a Grade School Teacher, DVD2LEARN was created and built on the strength of their joined experience and success in both the television and education industries. Through its home video tutorials, DVD2LEARN Inc. provides the solutions, information, insight and educational entertainment systems parents have come to rely on. DVD2LEARN reinforces and improves their children’s grades and overall performance in school, by developing sound educational teaching plans and workbooks, as well as effective, high-end home video animated graphic tutorial programs.

Our mission is to connect parents and children alike to grade school success and opportunity in an educational and entertaining way. DVD2LEARN Inc. is committed to the principles of excellence and advancement in education, and that commitment is embodied in all of its video tutorial products, services and concerns.


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